from my happy place, to yours

from my happy place, to yours

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Inner voice session

Breathe out, Listen in

It’s so simple: breathe out and listen in.
There’s a simple and beautiful path that you are naturally guided to at all times. Your inner voice is your best tool and will always lead you to more fun, playfulness, and expansion. The answers you hear might surprise your mind, but hearing is only a part of the process. Releasing stuck energy and actually following the guidance will reveal the magic time and time again. 

This is where the fun begins, and so – It’s less about the session, and more about handing this tool over to you, for you to use as frequently as you’d like. Open up and trust what you hear.

In this 90-minute session, I will be speaking directly to your intuition, helping you get clarity on the main focus areas of your life. We will learn how to connect, what to expect, and how to release emotional resistance that you might face on a given subject.

From my happy place to yours: I would love to hear from you if this flows.

$55 - $99
Open Up
Every day Just come by and play It’s a simple day
Come Play
All is well everything will be ok, Now is the game now is the way
Yours is Mine
Maybe in time you will find what’s yours is yours, But not in time in the now,  you’ll see what’s...
Soee No.1
All is well all is done we’re just here to have fun take a breath and allow for the fun to get...
Love Grows
Many Mores everybody knows how it goes, Love Grows
Time is Now
Hey Hey we are here to play not to stay it’s a simple day
Making Space
This is a quiet space of truth and trust always here always clear go within and trust what you hear
All is Well
Flow and let go
Sun Flower
When all is well and done there will be more space for fun Get it all done in the now Everything you...
Different vassals for different days You are here to play not to stay Everything is ok You can play another...
Powerful inside Powerful outside there’s no need to hide the beauty inside
Many Many Times
playing the same game time and time again even when there’s pain it’s not here to stay, watch...